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"Each person is the architect of their own success.
First they must dream the dream...then they must build on it!" (unknown)  

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We’re glad you are aboard to join us for our voyage as we travel the world’s oceans in our 40' sailboat. We aim to continually update and improve this site for our family and friends to accompany us on our passages and to help those sailors, armchair and otherwise, who may wish to follow in our wake to their own cruising destinations. Some of the information we hope to include will be designed to educate our landlubberly friends who have never sailed and other areas are for those preparing for cruising and ocean crossings. We’ve also developed a special section for those interested in how we have set out to and manage our youngest son’s Juvenile Diabetes.

We hope there will be plenty here to inform and entertain everyone! Check back often for Log Book updates.
aninew.gif (1680 bytes)We have put together an archive of all the front page photos that have appeared on this page over time.  Have a look!

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On the 'prime merdian' in Greenwich, England

November, 2006